(Old Cloud Atlas AMI Big50 EX-SA)


STATUS: Suspended

Name Changes

JSE Long Name AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF EasyETFs AMI Big50 ETF
JSE Short Name: AMIBIG50 AMIBIG50 (remained unchanged)
JSE Code: AMIB50 AMIB50 (remained unchanged)
ISIN: ZAE000242582 ZAE000242582 (remained unchanged)

Fund Objective

The Big50 portfolio offers investors exposure to African equity, ex- South Africa, and tracks 15 sectors across 14 different countries. The portfolio is designed to reflect a liquid basket of constituents for investors looking for Pan African exposure without the hassles of deciding what to buy.

It provides investors with the benefit of being exposed to the growth potential of the continent’s stock markets. The portfolio consists of stocks from Botswana, BRVM (Ivory Coast), Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia.

The Cloud Atlas Big50 ex-SA ETF is an investment product that invests in the 50 most representative companies across the African continent. The 50 companies in this ETF track the Cloud Atlas AMI Big50 ex-SA index (beta+), which is an enhanced index designed to maximize sector and country exposure.

How to buy

This fund is currently suspended for trading.

Fund Fees

• Management fee: 0.50% per annum
• Custody fee in African markets: 0.35% per annum
• Total chargers :0.85% per annum
• The fund re-balances quarterly and has a December year-end.
• ETF Sharecode: AMIB50
• Fund ISIN: ZAE000242582

Fund Pricing

• Pricing date: TBA
• Closing Price Per Unit: TBA
• Last Distribution Per Unit: TBA

Fund Objective

To closely track the performance of the AMI Big50 ex-SA index, by investing in the shares of the companies represented by the index. To provide investors exposure to Africa at low fees.


To create an investment product that trades Africa’s Fortune 50 companies. Giving investors exposure to the Blue chips and opportunity companies listed across the continent.


By Investing in the companies represented by the AMI Big50 ex-SA index, we provide investors exposure to many African markets by owning shares in the listed companies. And by owning shares in these companies, we hope to create wealth for the investors and drive overall good governance.

Minimum Disclosure Document / Fund Factsheet

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Annual Financial Statements & Distribution Announcements

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Date Title
31 December 2022 CLOUD ATLAS AMI Big50 Ex-SA ETF - AFS 2022 Final