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Cloud Atlas (RF) (Pty) (“Cloud Atlas”) recently became a 100% owned subsidiary of First World Trader (Pty) Ltd t/a EasyEquities (“EasyEquities”) as at 07 February 2023” . EasyEquities has embarked on a process to align the Cloud Atlas business with the “Easy” brand and a complete and extensive rebranding of Cloud Atlas’ collective investment schemes business process is currently underway.

Cloud Atlas has a distinct brand and as part of the business strategy of entities falling under the broader group, it is intended that there is an alignment of brands within the EasyEquities Group. The brand realignment initiative will strengthen client perception of brand affiliation with the EasyEquities Group (“the Group”). This approach will also ensure that clients understand and appreciate the integration of Cloud Atlas into the EasyEquities Group. This will be a positive benefit to clients and other stakeholders.

We have thus renamed and rebranded Cloud Atlas and the Scheme to “EasyETFs” and using the abbreviation of “Easy” for the ETFs as follows:

  • Cloud Atlas (RF) (Pty) Ltd has changed to EasyETFs (RF) (Pty) Ltd
  • The Cloud Atlas Scheme (the “Scheme”) is now known as the EasyETFs Scheme
  • The ETFs names have changed too.
    • Cloud Atlas S&P Sovereign Africa Bond ETF to EasyETFs Africa Bond ETF – listing terminated 29 Dec 2023 (investors paid out 28 Dec 2023)
    • Cloud Atlas AMI Big50 EX-SA ETF to EasyETFs AMI Big50 ETF – suspended from trading and in the process of being closed

The effective date for the name change of the issuer and ETFs on the JSE was effective Tuesday, 10 October 2023.

What do you need to do? You do not need to do anything, as at the effective date. The names were changed automatically. The investment mandates of the ETFs did not change.

View the SENS announcement here.

EasyEquities and the “Easy” brand carried by other group entities is a household name in the South African financial services sector. The brand alignment initiative will assist in instilling trust in investors who use a variety of products at EasyEquities and within the Group.

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Our Old Exchange Traded Fund Products


STATUS: Suspended


The Cloud Atlas Big50 EX-SA ETF is an investment product that invests in the 50 most representative companies found across the African continent excluding South Africa.

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EasyETFs S&P Sovereign Africa Bond ETF

STATUS: Delisted

OLD NAME: Cloud Atlas S&P Sovereign Africa Bond ETF

The Cloud Atlas S&P African Sovereign Bond ETF tracking the S&P Africa Hard Currency Sovereign Bond Select Earn 7%USD yields on long-dated Sovereign Bonds.

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